January 31, 2013


Should I?

November 26, 2006


Coffee count: XX

A lot has happened and I would rather let it resides in my memory rather than in this blog.

Life has moved on and filled with work, gym and friends.

Gym is now a familiar place, the staff & trainers recognises me. The usually full class is not much more manageable and at last, yoga class is a bit more challenging. I think the trainers realised that some people in the class would need more challenge. Which i gladly accepted. We are now doing this with another advance option. I am absolutely loving it, except for hand stands. I can't really do it properly yet.

August 03, 2006

I can do head stands!

Coffee count: xx


I have been attending yoga classes for almost about a year now to balance off my bodypump and combat classes. One needs to be buff, athletic and limber to score in such highly competitive scenes nowadays.

I am naturally flexible, so i can do my forward bends, inversions, splits etc quite ok. So I would try my best not to be smug when other people in the classes are struggling to do the poses. What I neeeded work on was headstands and the crane poses. Well, I was bored in the hotel room today and decided to try my headstand.

Which at long last, I managed to perform.

now to master "The Crane"

August 02, 2006


Coffee count: xxx

My dad was sick few weeks back, fortunately, he managed to pull through. This is his 3rd time in the hospital. It gives me the feeling that the duty has come full circle. Your parents looked after you when you were a child and now, you have to be the filial son and look after them. It seems, that I need to go back home more often on the weekends instead of cruising in sauna. hehe.

It seems that my gym work do pay off. People complimented me that I look slimmer. But when I weigh myself, am still 65 kg heavy. I don't loose weight but I do loose the inches. The problem is, when I go online chatting and the inevitable "stat?" line come out, and I replied with "27 165 65", they are not interested anymore. It seems that if your are over 60kg online, your are either chubby or morbidly obese. I am very much tempted to get my body fat percentage calculated at the gym and have that as part of my stat. But then, that would be sooo vain and I hate vain people.

July 04, 2006

Fish Bone

Coffee count: xxx

I had lunch alone today, as I was a bit focused on a couple of sudoku game on my personalised google homepage. So by the time I was done, everybody was gone. Anyway, I had fish and in my hurry to finish lunch, I thought I could swallow a fish bone. Alas, it was stuck in my throat.
You know the feeling when a fish bone is stuck to your throat? It is very damn well annoying, have tried swallowing my food, drinking lots of water and gargling, but it did not work. In the end, I decided to get it out manually. I washed my hand, opened my mouth wide and then stick my finger in to extricate the offending bone out. As I managed to control my gag reflexes, ahem, I have successfully removed the bone quite easily.

That is it for today hehe